J. P. Electronics Pte Ltd. specializes in the full Electronic Component range in Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, Medical Electronics, Telecom and Industrial Electronics. We also provide all types of Military Grade parts and Industrial items with high-reliability, extended Temperature Range specifications.

J. P. Electronics Pte Ltd., represents many big icons in Electronic Component industry. Our group is Authorized Distributor/Agent for NXP, Power Integrations, Microchip, Taiwan Semi, Belfuse, Allegro Micro, Mornsun, AV Display, IK Semi.

Our team is fully equipped to provide total solutions to our esteemed customer from design reference to actual bill of material sourcing.

J. P. Electronics Pte. Ltd. is committed to provide our customers the most comprehensive Value Added Services that the industry is looking for.

J. P. Electronics Pte. Ltd. is working with several OEM's as their IPO's in Singapore. We have expertise in sourcing the whole range of items and consolidating the shipments.

J. P. Electronics Pte. Ltd. Kitting Services allow customers to reduce inventory levels, procurement costs, and cycle times. These services are ideal for customers who are satisfied with their current manufacturing solutions, but are in need of a materials management system and staff that will deliver production-ready kits, just in time, to the requested destination.

Singapore being a Free Port and a major Logistic Hub, getting parts from any part of the world and re-exporting to any part is done in very efficient way and cost effective way.

For customers who seek a more complete solution, JP’s Turnkey Solutions provide coordination for both Materials Management and Manufacturing to deliver finished Assemblies on demand.

In the present market scenario, we constantly monitor the needs of our esteemed customers and try to meet their productions schedules even if the products are in acute shortages. We are always there to provide our regular customer an inventory backup and JIT delivery.

JP Electronics’ some esteemed customer are benefited from VMI programs, receiving delivered reductions in total cost, improved cash-to-cash cycle times, and increased time to react to changing customer demand.

Our Shipping Department have experienced team of personnel who can provide reliable services to handle shipments worldwide. Our shipping follow strict guidelines in order to prevent any delays or improper charges that may occur when shipping internationally. Incase of any special packing requirements of the products, we do provide solutions to suit the different environmental conditions in the different part of the world.

We can provide all kind of Technical Support right from the Designing process. We also update our customers with latest technological advancement and future status of the present product being used so that there is smooth transfer to the new and advanced product without any disruption in the production.

Our webpage provides 24-hour stock check.